Yard Safety Awareness (sm) - Think before you cut. It hurts. (tm)

Rescue Rick (sm) - Golf Outing

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) will host the 10th Annual Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man Golf Outing on Saturday, August 7, 2021.  The golf gathering will be held at the Buhl Farm Golf Course located at 1290 Forker Boulevard, Sharon, PA  16146. 

The Buhl Farm Golf Course is a FREE public 9-hole golf course that is open mid-April to November 15th from 8am - 9pm. Also, Buhl Farm Golf Course has the great nickname "Dum-Dum."  The golf course is considered the only free golf course in the United States!

Tee-time is whenever you want during course hours.  Play some golf and promote yard safety awareness!  Dum-Dum for yard safety!  Please call Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) at (703) 851-9105 for details.

Rescue Rick (sm) - Diversity

Richard "Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm)" Mudrinich understands the benefits of talking with other lawn mower amputees and friends.  Consequently, he has founded the Society of Lawn Mower Amputees and Friends (sm) and the Yard Safety Crusaders (sm).

"I want to provide an educational and entertaining venue to create yard safety awareness.   In particular, I want to provide a forum where lawn mower amputees can express their feelings regarding their situations and to reach out to their fellow amputees, friends, and professionals to seek insights to their concerns.  Also, I want to encourage events and gatherings that brings amputees and many other diverse groups together.  I hope to promote an event in Summer 2010 for a gathering of friendship, fun, and flow of information; the event will be called Diversity Fest 2010 (tm).  I realize the importance of community and family."

Please visit Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man MySpace for yard safety and social networking.

Rescue Rick (sm) - Festival

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) wants to host an amputee festival in Hermitage, Pennsylvania.  I will explore other alternatives as well, such as Las Vegas and Washington, DC.

Rescue Rick (sm) - Appearances

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) is available for various community, professional, religious, and social events:

  • aqeeqah (Islam)
  • amputee events
  • amrit (Sikhism) 
  • baby showers
  • baptism (Christianity) 
  • bar mitzvahs (Judaism)
  • bat mitzvahs (Judaism) 
  • bridal showers 
  • cameo appearances in film and television
  • celebrations and ceremonies
  • children events and shows
  • club meetings
  • commercial advertisements 
  • conventions
  • confirmations (Christianity) 
  • corporate events
  • christenings (Christianity) 
  • fairs
  • fine art events
  • hospital visits (lawn mower accident patients) 
  • music videos 
  • parties
  • public appearances
  • public service advertisements
  • samanera (Buddhism) 
  • school presentations
  • senior centers 
  • speaking engagements
  • sporting events
  • television commercials
  • trade shows
  • upanayana (Hinduism) 
  • weddings
  • youth programs
To learn more about this unique opportunity and to support the efforts of  Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm), please call (703) 851-9105.  Thank you for your consideration!