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Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) has created a few blogs to provide an interactive forum.  It is called the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man BLOG.

The Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man BLOG addresses are  and

I present various topics, including sharing some of my personal experiences with regards to the development and promotion of the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) yard safety campaign.  I look forward to meeting and blogging with you!

Here are a few examples of entries to the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man BLOG:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Dr. King was a promoter of non-violent social change.  Like Dr. King, I believe in servant leadership; I have a dream also.  In particular, I want to rescue people from experiencing yard accidents.  Yard accidents do not discriminate.  They happen to all people regardless of their race, color, religion, creed, or national origin.  Each year, there are 100,000 lawn mower accidents and 400,000 outdoor garden-tool-related accidents.  It is time for some more behavioral and social change.  Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) wants to make a contribution toward the elimination of yard accidents.

Silly Goose

I have met many people during my travels that have been very supportive of my yard safety campaign featuring Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm).  Likewise, I have encountered some people who view me as a flake and silly goose.  On the surface, my campaign may appear silly; it is intended to educate and entertain, leading to increased yard safety awareness and caution.  In essence, I am the first yard safety super hero in the history of the world.  Nonetheless, I can assure you that this campaign is not a joke.  I had a lawn mower  accident that cost me part of my body, cost me thousands of dollars, cost me several attractive career opportunities, cost me hardship with my friends and family, cost me frustration, pain, and suffering, cost me my reputation, cost me future surgeries and health complications, etc.  In a positive light, I have gained a deeper gratitude for what I do and still have as well as several positive awakenings.  Likewise, I can rest assured that the millions of other individuals who have experienced yard accidents can state similar stories to varying degrees.  In short, you may think that this campaign is silly until someone gets hurt.  At the very least, if you still think it is silly, then you have been granted awareness.  For instance, please do not take a child for a ride while mowing the grass with a riding lawn mower; many children fall off resulting in amputated limbs.  Then, you are a silly goose.  Be careful.  Think before you cut. It hurts! (tm)

Spring Training

It is March 2005. It is Spring Training and another Major League Baseball season is around the corner.  Soon, fans will flock to ballparks across the nation.  At most ballparks, ground crews will present some of the finest natural turfs in America.  The grass will grow and need cut.  Likewise, millions of baseball fans will grass cut their yards.  Each season, baseball fans will have yard s at their homes and beyond.  Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) wants to partner with Major League Baseball to drive a yard safety awareness campaign.  I propose that each Major League Baseball club promote a yard safety awareness day, including the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man Bobble Head Doll(tm) as a promotional item. 

Amputation Is Not A Contest

Amputation is not a contest.  Obviously, not all amputations are the same; there are various resultant degrees of amputation.  I mention this point to keep the focus of my yard safety advocacy on the message and not on the level of severity of the  itself, such as my altered left paw.  Although, I do experience some related complications with my right foot, right knee, right hip, and lower back due to my altered gait.  Actually, amputation is just part of the yard story, since people experience breaks, bruises, burns, infections, internal bleeding, rashes, scratches, strains, etc.  My yard safety goal is to even eliminate a resultant hangnail.  Overall, I want to focus attention on the awareness and prevention of yard accidents.  A safe mind encourages safe behavior.

Flying Lawnmower

I went to the National Mall yesterday to push my toy lawnmower around to promote yard safety awareness. The cherry trees bloom annually around the Tidal Basin between the National Mall and the Jefferson Memorial. It was spectacular.

I gained momentum as I pushed my toy lawnmower around the tidal basin. Then, all of a sudden, I took flight. I was flying around the National Mall with a birds-eye view. I flew over to the Washington Monument and perched on top to take a rest. I realized that I might be perceived as an Unidentified Flying Object, so I swooped down and buzzed the cherry trees on my way to visit the Jefferson Memorial. I morphed into a cartoon yard safety superhero so that I would not disturb Homeland Security. My flesh became ink. I became a three-dimensional caricature in the real space and time of the National Capital. I have finally arrived as a yard safety superhero. In patriotic fashion, I flew around the entire National Mall gaining inspiration for my yard safety awareness campaign from some of the greatest Americans that ever lived. I was tempted to fly over to the White House, but I was afraid that I might scare Barney Bush and Miss Beazley Bush, the White House Scottish Terriers, as well as Ernie Bush and India "Willie" Bush, the White House cats. Nonetheless, I would like to push my toy lawnmower on the White House lawn someday.

Indeed, I have had a magical toy lawnmower all along, and I did not know it. When I turn my mower just right, the blade becomes a propeller, and I can fly. Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man can fly high and low. Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man can fly here and there. Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man can now fly with his fun and fantastic toy lawnmower. Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man is here today so that yard accidents go away.

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man BLOG

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