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Rescue Rick (sm) - Biography

Richard "Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm)" Mudrinich is an artist, designer, and entrepreneur with a social conscience.  Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) is a yard safety advocate, edutainer, and promoter, in particular yard and landscaping safety (tm).  He strives to win the Nobel Prize.  He strives to validate his innovative approach to rescue people and animals from yard accidents.  He has coined the phrase yard safety (tm) to focus on safety issues in the green industry. He is the first yard safety super hero (superhero) in the history of the world (tm) - a green hero.  He is a renaissance yardman, utilizing various art forms to communicate his yard safety message through edutainment.  Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) is also commonly referred to as Rescue Rick (sm) and The Grass Cut Man (sm).

Richard Mudrinich is an able disabled person.  In addition, he is the Founder of the Society of Lawn Mower Amputees and Friends (sm) and the Yard Safety Crusaders (sm).  He understands the benefits of talking with other lawn mower amputees and yard safety enthusiasts.  Please visit Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man MySpace Page for yard safety and social networking.  "I want to provide an educational and entertaining venue to create yard safety awareness.   In particular, I want to provide a forum where lawn mower amputees can express their feelings regarding their situations and to reach out to their fellow amputees and professionals to seek insights to their concerns.  Also, I want to encourage events and gatherings that brings many different kinds of people together.  I envision the Society of Lawn Mower Amputees and Friends (sm), the Yard Safety Crusaders (sm), and Many More as critical voices in advancing yard safety awareness (YSA)I want everyone to come together and to have a great time as the yard safety awareness message evolves around the globe in many ways.  Forgive.  Educate.  Live."  BE A YARD SAFETY CRUSADER!

Rescue Rick (sm) - Tripod the Dog

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) seeks to adopt a faithful sidekick - a three-legged dog amputee who survived a lawn mower accident.  The doggy will be called Tripod the Dog (sm).  Tripod (sm) has a big brother named the Trilateral Commissioner (sm).  We will work together to promote yard safety.  With the addition of Tripod (sm), I want to illustrate that lawn mower accidents impact animals as well.  The doggy amputee offers a great vehicle to introduce children and adults alike to the amputee community, plus Tripod (sm) is a main attraction.  Furthermore, through a pet adoption, I get to save the life of a pooch that might otherwise be terminated.  Tripod (sm) will be a great dog sending a very important message about both amputees and safety.  Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) seeks assistance from the various pet adoption organizations in helping him locate Tripod the Dog (sm). 

Rescue Rick (sm) - MowBoVatar

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man has created another yard safety character to join the Yard Safety Crusaders Family (sm).  Her name is MowBoVatar who is part robot and part avatar.  MowBoVatar transcends the physical and virtual worlds (like Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man and Tripod the Dog) to communicate and facilitate the yard safety adventure.  Furthermore, MowBoVatar became disabled after experiencing a yard accident in the virtual world resulting in severe amputation and burns.  She morphs between animation, physical, and virtual worlds to assist Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man in finding a cure for yard accidents. It is anticipated that Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man and MowBoVatar will give birth to thousands of Yard Safety Crusaders (sm) all around the physical and virtual worlds. 

Rescue Rick (sm) - Army Armadillo

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man has invited Army Armadillo (tm) to join the Yard Safety Crusaders FamilyArmy Armadillo (tm) knows personal protective equipment.

"I wear my personal protective equipment every day. I have a bony armor shell. The armor is formed by plates of dermal bone covered in small, overlapping epidermal scales called "scutes". This armor-like skin appears to be the main defense of many armadillos. I am the little armored one." - Army Armadillo

Army Armadillo (tm) is like a yard safety tank.

Rescue Rick (sm) - Toxy Turfy

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) has given birth to Toxy Turfy (tm) to address the growing concern over chemical lawn care products and services.  The world is rapidly changing and with it are perspectives on the use of toxic lawn chemicals and the hazards they pose to our children, families, neighbors, pets, wildlife, and drinking water sources.  Toxy Turfy (tm) warns about the dangers of chemicals on lawns and gardens.  Pesticides are toxic substances that should be used with great caution; there are many cases of declining health and death related to toxic lawn chemicals.  Toxy Turfy (tm) suggests the application of organically certified gardening products, promoting natural lawn care and grounds maintenance.  Nonetheless, Toxy Turfy (tm) acknowledges that chemical companies have made advancements in offering safer synthetic chemical pesticides.  Sometimes only a chemical solution can solve a particular lawn and garden problem.  Please learn more about properly using chemical and organic lawn and garden products.  In applying lawn chemicals,  Toxy Turfy (tm) recommends wearing personal protective equipment as described in the chemical manufacturers product use directions - follow the directions.


Rescue Rick (sm) - Shaky

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) has created Shaky (tm) to create awareness with regards to health concerns related to machine vibration.  Vibrating handtools can cause vibration syndrome, a condition also known as vibration white finger and as Raynaud's phenomenon of occupational origin. Vibration syndrome has adverse circulatory and neural effects in the fingers. The signs and symptoms include numbness, pain, and blanching (turning pale and ashen).  Shaky (tm) encourages intervention efforts to control ergonomic hazards in the green industry. Shaky (tm) advocates for occupational safety and health.


Rescue Rick (sm) - Zilch

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) has created Zilch (tm) to count and record the number of yard accidents.  Zilch (tm) is a number man.  Needless to say, Zilch (tm) looks forward to the day when the number of yard accidents becomes zero.

Rescue Rick (sm) - Twin Blades

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man has invited the Twin Blades to the Yard Safety Crusaders Family.  The Twin Blades present the relationship between machine and nature.  Grass Blade is a blade of grass.  Metal Blade is a lawn mower blade.  They often reflect on their roles and responsibilities.  Furthermore, Grass Blade and Metal Blade often discuss yard safety awareness issues involving humans and animals, including brainstorming to find a cure for yard accidents.  Also, they "cut" each other down in a humorous fashion.


Rescue Rick (sm) - Digital Totem Pole (tm)

The Native Americans who live in the Pacific Northwest use their giant trees to make beautiful art.  The most well known type of art made by Pacific Northwest Natives is the totem pole.  Totem poles are made for the purpose of telling a story!  Some poles tell Native American legends, often about animals who did important things.  The story that a totem pole tells is like a poem, which is read from the bottom to the top of the pole.  Many things are said with only a few words.  In this spirit, I introduce the concept of the digital totem pole (tm) in which I utilize digital photographs and clip art to tell my story - the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) "legend."





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